[The Proclaimers – when they reach the bottom of the Sanctuary – bow to the    Altar, towards each other, and take up assigned positions]

CM    Throughout the Season of Advent, the Church reflected on God’s promises to send a Savior to the people of Israel. He would be called Emmanuel, that is, God-with-us.

In the fullness of time these promises were fulfilled.

With joyful hearts let us listen to the PROCLAMATION of the Savior’s birth.

L&R  The twenty-fifth of December.

L       In the fourteen billionth year since God created energy which soon after became atoms, stars and galaxies…

R      In the ten billionth year since God created the whole range of elements in the Supernova…

L       In the five billionth year since God created the Sun, the planets, especially Planet Earth – and the Moon…

R      In the four point five billionth year since God caused Earth to bring forth single cells of life, teeming in the oceans….

L      In the six hundredth million years since God brought forth multi‑cellular life in its myriad forms; sponges, worms, invertebrates, vertebrates, reptiles, mammals, primates….                                                                                                                                                [pause}

R      In the two millionth year since humans emerged from the animal kingdom as hunter-gatherers…

L       In the ten thousandth year since humans learned to plant seeds… and breed animals…

R       In the five thousandth year since the Great Civilizations appeared…


L       In the two thousandth year since God called Abraham to leave the cradle of civilization of Ur of the Chaldeans…

R       In the one thousand two hundredth year since God called his People out of Egypt…

L       In the one thousandth year since God allowed the people to have David as their King…

R       In the six hundredth year since God allowed the kingship to be destroyed and exiled his people for betraying the Covenant…

L       In the two hundredth year since the Land of Judea and Galilee came under the yoke of Roman Rule…


R       “In the forty second year of his reign, Augustus Caesar issued a decree that a census of the whole world be taken.…”

L       “Mary, already big with child… went with Joseph, her husband..   to be enrolled in Bethlehem in Judea.…”

R       In a lowly manger… in the company of animals and shepherds… Mary bore her Son, Jesus… Immanuel… God-with-us.


              according to the flesh.

                     [The Proclaimers bow to the Altar, then to each other,

                     and follow the other ministers directly to the Sacristy.

                     The lights are switched ON and Midnight Mass follows]

Download printable file here: Proclamation

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