Proclamation of the Birth of Christ @ 11:50 p.m. – Year 20 _ _

To be staged in Church


Two Bookstands – with Electric lamps, suitably draped and facing the assembly – are already in place in the Sanctuary about 2 meters from the edge of the sanctuary.

Two open folders containing the Proclamation plus hand-held Mics are ready for immediate use on the Bookstands.

The COMMENTATOR (CM) informs the assembly that most of the lights will be put OFF in order that the Church will be in semi-darkness.


The Ministers – 2 Proclaimers (L & R), 2 Candle bearers and an Acolyte with a bell – assemble at the Front Door. When they are ready the CM says: Please stand and face the aisle.

The Acolyte goes first, walking at a moderate pace.

He rings his bell opposite the 1st door – once

”       ”                          ”                  2nd ”   –    twice

At the base of the sanctuary he rings   – three times

He ascends the Sanctuary, stands on the first Altar step and faces the Assembly.

The Candle bearers with lighted candles follow, keeping about 3 meters behind. When they reach the bottom of Sanctuary they bow to Altar, to each other, and take up positions at Right and Left of Bookstands. They assist the Proclaimers with their light – if needed.

The Proclaimers follow the Candlebearers, keeping about 2 meters behind. When they reach the bottom of the Sanctuary they bow to Altar, towards each other and then take up assigned positions.

The Proclamation

The CM reads the introduction and the Proclaimers begin. Their voices should be slow and measured. They recount the history of Salvation from the beginning of the Universe until the Birth of Jesus. It is good news, joyful news, news that people on earth had been awaiting for over a million years. A pause of 2/3 seconds should follow each statement. They pause after each Section to allow the Acolyte the opportunity to ring the Bell. [Once after the first section; twice after the 2nd; three times after the 3rd].

When the Proclaimers have read the words, THE NATIVITY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST according to the flesh, he rings it vigorously 7 times.

Bell Ringer now bows to the Altar and proceeds directly to the Sacristy.

The Candle Bearers do the same; Altar first, then to each other and then proceed to the Sacristy.

The Proclaimers bow to the Altar, then to each other, and follow the others to the Sacristy.



CM ______________________  ACOLYTE with bell ______________________


CANDLE BEARER L ____________CANDLE BEARER R ______________________


PROCLAIMER L _______________PROCLAIMER R ________________________

Proclamation of the Birth of Christ

Instructions for the Commentator (CM)

11:50PM        The CM says:

The Electric Lights will now be dimmed.

11:52PM   Throughout the Season of Advent, the Church reflected on

God’s promises to send a Savior to the people of Israel.

The Savior would be called Emmanuel, that is, God-with –us.

In the fullness of time, these promises were fulfilled.

With joyful hearts we shall now listen to the Solemn

Proclamation of the Birth of Jesus,

the Son of David – the Son of God.

11:54PM        Upon receiving a Signal from the priests / proclaimers at the Front Door that they are

                     ready s/he says:

                     Please stand and face the Aisle.

The CM and the Power Pointer follow the Texts in their folder the Guidelines   and  text of the Proclamation.

After the Proclamation has ended, and the Priests / Proclaimers and Ministers have left the Sanctuary, the CM says:

   Please be seated.

However, if she sees that the Presider and the Ministers are ready to begin the procession she does not ask the Assembly to sit but, using the Commentators Folder, welcomes people to the Celebration in the usual way.

Download printable file here: Proclamation-Guidelines-etc

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