May the mercy of God our Father,
the compassion of Jesus his Son,
and the patient love of the Holy Spirit
be with you all.


Forgiveness lies at the heart of the Christian message.
As followers of Jesus we are called upon to forgive our brothers and sisters from our hearts.  Let us look at the way Jesus forgave people.

Our God is a forgiving God…. full of compassion and mercy.
However, as our readings today point out, we cannot expect any forgiveness or mercy from God if we do not forgive other people.

Litany of Praise

Lord Jesus, you forgave Peter after he denied you:

Lord, have mercy.

Lord Jesus, you asked your Father to forgive those who crucified you:

Christ, have mercy.

Lord Jesus, you teach us that the forgiven person must forgive in return:

Lord, have mercy.

Opening Prayer

O God, Most High,
you are slow to anger and rich in compassion.

Keep alive in us the memory of your mercy;
calm our anger
and take away all our resentments.
May we discover the forgiveness promised to those who forgive
and become a people rich in mercy.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever.  AMEN.

When you pass judgment, O God Most High,
justice and mercy meet in perfect measure,
and you pardon us as we pardon one another.

Create in us a new heart,
formed in the image of your Son,
a heart strong enough to bear every wound
and gentle enough to forgive every offense,
that the world may see
how your people love one another.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever.  AMEN.

                                      GENERAL  INTERCESSIONS

P       Let us pray to our merciful God that we, who have experienced his forgiveness, may bring the joy of reconciliation to the world.

CM      Our response is:  Inspire us to forgive.

  1. For all Christian churches, long divided by grudges and pride.  (pause) May they be brought together in the unity of the gospel of Jesus: Lord, in your mercy:
  2. For those among us who find it difficult to forgive. (pause) May the realization of God’s generous mercy to humankind touch their hearts and enable them to extend the hand of reconciliation. Lord, in your mercy:
  3. For all of us gathered here.  (pause) May we be able to forgive those who have sinned against us and so be healed of our bitterness and resentment. Lord, in your mercy:

[The Presider may wish to add a petition that is local / relevant]

 P       Compassionate God, you are slow to anger and rich in mercy. Listen to our prayers and fill us with a spirit of true forgiveness. We ask this through Jesus, the Lord.  AMEN.

Prayer over the Gifts

Remember, Lord,
that your Son, in offering his life,
has washed away the sins of the world.
Look with favor on your church’s offering
and grant that we too may be ministers of reconciliation.
This we ask through Christ our Lord.

[ Presiders may wish to use the Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation #2 ]

Invitation to the Lord’s Prayer

Let us ask God to forgive our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us….  as we pray:

Asking God to forgive our many sins,
and with love and forgiveness toward all, we now pray:

Deliver us Lord

Deliver us, Lord, from every evil,
especially from our unwillingness to forgive
those who have injured us.
Protect us in time of trial
as we wait in joyful hope
for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Peace

Lord, Jesus Christ, you said to your disciples:

“If you are bringing your gift to the altar,
and there remember that someone has something against you,
leave your gift there before the altar,
and go and be reconciled with that person.”

Lord, help us to seek reconciliation with one another,
so that we may enjoy the peace of your kingdom
where you live for ever and ever.

Lord, Jesus Christ, you said to your apostles:

‘Peace I leave with you,
my peace I give to you.’

Look not on our sins,
and help us not to look on the sins of others,
for we all need your forgiving love
and each other’s pardon.
Grant us the peace of your kingdom,
where you live for ever and ever.

Exchange of Peace

We have all been healed by the love of God.
So in gratitude let us share Christ’s peace with the persons beside us.

Invitation to Communion

This is Jesus who reconciles us with God and with one another.
Blessed are we who are invited to his banquet table.

This is Jesus who died and lives again;
the Lord of both the dead and the living.
Blessed are we who are invited to his supper.

Prayer after Communion

Compassionate Father,
you have nourished us at the table of your Son.
May we be willing to reach out to all those we have hurt
and be ready to ask their forgiveness.
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord.  AMEN.


 P       May God show you mercy and fill you with grace.


May God give you peace and a vision of glory.


May God move your hearts to forgive from the heart.



Our celebration is ended.
Go, and share with others God’s forgiveness and love.

Eager to proclaim and share God’s boundless love,
go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

Download printable file here: 24th Ordinary – A

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