Sign of the Cross


Blessed be the Lord our God,
whose words are spirit and life.
May the Spirit of the Living God be with you all.

Introduction  and  Litany of Praise

Jesus’ words carried great authority with the ordinary people. Why? Because his words were true and people knew he meant them.

Jesus’ words can change our lives if we act on them…..

but sometimes we are content merely to listen to them.   (Pause)

Lord Jesus, your words guide us when we make mistakes.

Lord, have mercy.

Your words comfort us when we are sad.

Christ, have mercy.

Your words inspire us to live good and holy lives.

Lord, have mercy.

Opening Prayer

Faithful God,
your Son, Jesus of Nazareth,
spoke the truth with authority,
and you confirmed his teaching by wondrous deeds.

Make us holy
so that by word and deed
we may proclaim his name
and bear witness to your healing power and presence.

All this we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever.  AMEN.

O God,
your Son – the Holy One –
comes to lead this assembly to holiness
and to set our spirits free.

Touch our hearts
that with single-hearted resolve
we may work for your kingdom
with all our energy and zeal.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever.  AMEN.

                                     GENERAL  INTERCESSIONS

P       Let us intercede for our own needs and the needs of all in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy One of God.

CM      Our response is:       Hear us, O Lord.

Please repeat:

  1. That the church may speak the truth in love with an authority born of faithful witness and loving service. We pray:
  2. That Jesus’ teaching may rebuke unclean spirits that torment our world: greed, exploitation, violence, oppression and despair.  We pray:
  3. That the Lord our God may raise up prophets in every land and put in their mouths the challenging words of justice and peace. We pray:
  4. That those committed to celibacy for the sake of the gospel may grow in holiness and joy through their service of God and neighbor. We pray:

[That we Filipinos commit ourselves as a people to read, study, pray, live, share, and celebrate God’s word so that day by day we may become more like Jesus the Christ, your Word made flesh. We pray:]

P       Lord, grant that what we have said with our lips, we may believe with our hearts, and practice with our lives. Grant this through Christ our Lord.  AMEN.

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord God,
these are the gifts of the poor –
a little food, a little wine.
Accept us in our riches and our poverty,
in our strength and our weakness,
in our joys and our sorrows.
Let us experience all life as a gift from you.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.  AMEN.

Invitation to the Lord’s Prayer

Taught by our Savior’s command
and formed by the word of God, we dare to pray:

Jesus spoke the truth and he spoke with authority.
Let us join him as he prays for the coming of God’s kingdom.

Deliver us, Lord

Deliver us, Lord, from every evil
and free us from all anxieties.
In your mercy,
help us to listen to your voice;
inspire us to prepare with joy and hope

for the final coming among us

of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Peace

Lord Jesus Christ, you said to your apostles:

‘I leave you peace, my peace I give you.’

We find it hard to speak these words to others with love
when there is little peace in our own hearts.
Take pity on us
and grant us the peace of your kingdom
where you live for ever and ever.

Exchange of Peace

Let us acknowledge Christ’s power in our midst
by offering one another a sign of his peace.

Optional Prayer to accompany the Breaking of Bread

Heavenly Father,
may this blessed bread,
broken that we may deepen our union
with you and our neighbor,
be the sign of your continual blessing.

Invitation to Communion

This is Jesus of Nazareth – God’s Word made visible for us.
Blessed are we who are invited to receive him at this altar-table.

Prayer after Communion

Lord God,
we have listened to the words that Jesus has spoken;
they are the words of eternal life.
We have come to believe and know
that he is the Holy One of God.
By the strength of the food we have received
may we have the courage to follow him
and serve you, our God, for ever and ever.  AMEN.

Solemn Blessing

May you always listen to the voice of God.  AMEN.

May you always recognize the power of God working through you.  AMEN.

May you proclaim the truth by word and deed.   AMEN.

And may you always be blessed by God,

+  the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  AMEN.


Listening for God’s voice and eager to do God’s will,
go in peace of Christ.

Download printable file here: 4th Ordinary – B

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